The infection control program is designed to prevent and stop infections from spreading in the healthcare setting. Policy and procedure must be enforced in conjunction with the appropriate surveillance activities. Within the chapter of the Accredia® Infection Control Program policy and procedures you will have exactly the surgery center policy and procedures the inspectors are looking for.

You will have to provide a written process for hand hygiene and the entire infection control program. Ambulatory surgery centers must ensure that there is one (1) individual has training in infection prevention. The infection control program policies and procedures should be based on nationally recognized guidelines.
During a joint commission inspection the surveyor will cross reference the infection control program into other high risks areas of the surgery center accreditation process. High risks areas include sterilization and environment of care. As an integral part of the joint commission inspection the surveyor will ask for surgery center policy and procedure for used instruments. Within the Central Supply and Sterilization chapter of the Accredia® surgery center policy and procedure manual you can access the used instruments policy.
As your joint commission surgery center consultant, Accredia® will guide you the process of preparing for a joint commission inspection.