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Anesthesia Services

Anesthesia Services describes those services which facilitate diagnostic, therapeutic and surgical procedures and to ensure that the service is performed in a safe and sanitary environment by qualified health care providers who have been granted privileges from the Governing Body. There are 13 policies within this chapter.

  • Anesthesia Plan
  • Anesthesia Evaluations and Classifications
  • Anesthesia Care Post-Operatively
  • Infection Control in the Anesthesia Department
  • Anesthesia Staffing
  • Duties of the Anesthesia Provider
  • Types of Anesthesia Performed
  • Regulations for Anesthetic Safety
  • Deeper Than Intended Level of Sedation
  • Propofol
  • Removal of Aspirate General Anesthesia
  • Scope and Standards CRNA
  • Moderate Sedation training and education for Registered Nurses